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Bonaire Self Catering Lodging & Accommodaton


When you stay at Auriga, you get a whole lodge, not just an apartment. You can prepare your own meals in the kitchen, hang out in the garden or just kick back in the hammock and pass the day away. The lodge has two, double-bed bedrooms. Please note the building is a less then normal height because it is a converted horse stable.

Groups of up to four people are welcome as well as naturists.

Why an Ecolodge?

Having an ecolodge on Bonaire with a semi desert climate is a big challenge……but also necessary. Bonaire is being promoted as “Unspoiled, Unhurried, Unforgettable”. Unfortunately the “Unspoiled” part is not true. So……it's about time there is an ecolodge on this beautiful Caribbean island. Staying here will have a minimum impact on the fragile ecosystem of Bonaire. We use solar energy, recycle as many products as we can, use your human “waste” and reforest (with endemic trees) on a specific terrain adjacent to the lodge. Our tours are emphasized on nature and we will explain everything you want to know about our ecosystems (and their disturbance) here on Bonaire. This is a continuous process and we are constantly working on improvements like planting local and fruit trees to increase the biodiversity in this part of the island.

Click here to see the GECKO ECOLODGE

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"We were delighted by the many local features and personal guidance that makes this place so enjoyable: the natural wind draft, the open eating area upstairs, the lazy hammock and chair for our 2 youngsters Viktor and Renate, and the outdoor shower (Renate's favourite). In the evening we often enjoyed the starlit sky from the platform. The kitchen was great to cook our lasagna, burrito's, salads…etc. The bookshelf was a great reading pleasure source..."