For over 20 years Outdoor Bonaire has been a company specialized in nature tours in small groups. Hans Voerman the founder and your guide and owner of the Ecolodge has experience as a sailor, offshore survival instructor, dive instructor and former underwater scout in the army.

They offer high quality tours with small groups on an individual based approach.

Knowledge, true love for nature and conservation, decades of experience and a sense of humor are the main ingredients for our tours.

You can enjoy the range of activities we have to offer from kayaking, caving, climbing/rappelling, hiking, birdwatching and team building.

Imagine yourself snorkeling in our mysterious caves through crystal clear water.

Maybe you would like to experience the tranquility and the lush greenness of our mangroves from our kayaks. 

If you are more adventurous you might like to do one of our many hiking trails.

ActivityRate ($ US Dollars)
Kayaking + Caving95
Top Rope Climbing50
Hiking65 + on request
Birdwatching Nature Tour75
Kayaking + Birdwatching65

*Please note we do not do tours with cruise ships due to their negative environmental and social impact on Bonaire.

Phone: +599 785-6272
WhatsApp: +599 785-6272
E-mail :
Website: Outdoor Bonaire

"I can't begin to explain how magical our day was, because of you. I, in particular, experienced something that was beyond my wildest dreams and imagination. 
Diving is new to me, so there is a lot to explore there, with such a vast amount of life under the surface of the seas, oceans and lakes... But, what you shared with us is not something we will come upon often, and certainly not filled with such interesting history and details, of which you provided.
You are a kind, intelligent and very passionate in the lifestyle you have chosen. It is very evident in your professional, yet personable communication, while you guide us folk kind through these fascinating cave tours.
Just can't find all the right words, but I hope my message translates just the same.!
" Jane