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Fantastic place for outdoor lovers
Auriga Lodge is a true nature retreat in the typical cacti covered countryside of the Dutch Caribbean, where we spent 7 wonderful days in June. The place continuously receives winds which makes it surprisingly refreshing and in our view more comfortable than a place with air conditioning !! We really enjoyed the feeling of being far away from the crowds, close to nature : It's just complete silence and peace and quiet. Sebatiaan M

Perfect place to calm down
We just returned from our vacation on lovely Bonaire. We spent time at three different accommodations, all of which were fine places, but the Auriga Ecolodge clearly stood out.

This is not your average hotel room or apartment - it is a fantastic experience of the island's nature and its outback, and the perfect place to calm down. We took several walks through the outback from here, including the Bara di Karta hill with its marvellous view of the island, and to the East Coast (Boka Washikemba) with its impressive surf. One of my best memories is climbing the lodge's small platform at night and gazing at the stars, while sipping a Polar :-)

Hans also offers excursions which cannot be recommended highly enough. We went caving with him, and he also took us on a marvellous kayaking tour through the mangroves at Lac. Not only does Hans know a lot about those special places on Bonaire, but he sure knows how to explain and teach. Claus
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