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Bonaire Self Catering Lodging

After years of keeping goats, sheep and wild roaming donkeys out the results are clear and visible!

Native trees have been planted by me or have self seeded and are slowly growing and thus making the lodge's area attractive for our flying visitors.

From the lodge's various viewpoints you can see an interesting mixture of indigenous birds and animals.

Parrots suffering from deforestation on the island can still find a safe haven here.

Also migrating birds use our area at various times throughout the year to have a rest.

On the pictures you can see some of the very frequent flyers. Click on the thumbnails to see enlargements of these stunning photographs.

But even in the night the fun doesn't stop!

Bats are plentiful and every night they are working hard to eat moths and other little creatures.

The nectar eating bat is also a returning visitor and pollinates the cacti every night.

Photo credits go to Sijmen Hendriks with exception of the Yellow Shouldered Amazon Parrot where credit goes to Dr Sam Williams from Echo Bonaire and the Bananaquit taken by Clark Heijbroek from The Barefoot Creator.

Bare Eyed Pigeon Blue Tailed Emerald Hummingbird Bonaire Brown Crested Flycatcher
Brown Shouldered Parakeet Bonaire Common Ground Dove Ruby Tobaz Hummingbird Bonaire
Ruby Tobaz Hummingbird Bananaquit Venezualan Troupial Bonaire
Yellow Oriole Bonaire Yellow Shouldered Amazon Parrot Bonaire Yellow Shouldered Amazon Parrot
"Typically we do not like to go back to previous destinations as places tend to change and not always for the better. A prejudice so untrue for Auriga Ecolodge!! After we were one of the first guests in 2010 to this place, we returned in February only to be delighted again. This is the place to stay if you prefer the beauty of the Bonaire outdoors over the cosmetic luxury of a hotel. "  
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