Bonaire is great for birdwatching. A lot of different kinds of Herons and Egrets can be seen together here with the Caribbean Flamingo. And of course you want to spot the endemic Bonairean Parrot (yellow shouldered amazon parrot). Or the mighty crested Cara cara sitting on a cactus. In general we leave very early so we arrive at the best spotting areas in time. This is a great chance to add new birds to your spotters list!

Price: US $ 65 short birdwatching combined with mangrove kayak tour
Price: US $ 75 birdwatching Nature Tour (incl. Goto lake / Dos Pos area)

Minimum group size is 2 persons. Prices can be changed without notice.  All rights reserved.

All tours at your own risk.

*Please note we do not do tours with cruise ships due to their negative and social environmental impact on Bonaire.

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