Top Rope Climbing

We don’t have high mountains on Bonaire, but we do have some great limestone walls, perfect for top rope climbing. The scenery is awesome and the routes are very distinctive from one another.

For the beginner or for the more experienced climber, this is a great place to be and to loose some sweat! Before we can go climbing you will need to rappel/abseil down a 60 foot cliff. Go for it!

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Bonaire has a lot of dirt roads and goat trails which are excellent for hiking. Hiking is a great experience because you will not meet many people… if at all! And because we are off the beaten track we will see plenty of wildlife. Some trails are for the unexperienced and others are for those who like to suffer a little more. Yes it is hot… so?

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Birdwatching Nature Tours

Bonaire is great for birdwatching. A lot of different kinds of Herons and Egrets can be seen together here with the Caribbean Flamingo. And of course you want to spot the endemic Bonairean Parrot (yellow shouldered amazon parrot). Or the mighty crested Cara cara sitting on a cactus. In general we leave very early so we arrive at the best spotting areas in time. This is a great chance to add new birds to your spotters list!

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