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Bonaire Self Catering Lodging & Accommodaton
As a child I would always become very angry and sad when I read about forests, coral reefs or rain forests disappearing. And I still get mad! Because I wanted to see those beautiful areas myself as well before they were all gone.

And because I realized (even as a kid) we need them, we are nothing without them.

Later, when I was traveling abroad, I managed to see some of those areas and I was always fantasizing about having a piece of land myself which I would protect. There I would leave nature alone and try to live off the land, preferably somewhere in a lush bush with waterfalls and mountains. Somehow I ended on Bonaire, an island with a semi desert climate……!

Here I bought 17 years ago my piece of land which was totally barren and eaten by goats. I have protected it, fenced the area and kicked them out. Half the land is reserved for nature, I hardly go there or do anything there. Now it is green and covered by trees, giving the slow growing trees a chance to recover.

Birds are nesting there and in the night you very often see a barn owl flying by.

In the other half I have built an ecolodge and I plant mostly endemic trees or trees who have been on the island for a long time. There are also fruit trees and a green house .

Although this is a never ending job, I guess I have made my dream come true.
Bonaire Nature Bonaire Nature
Bonaire Tree
Bonaire Greenhouse
The family
"We had  a wonderful time in the Ecolodge! It has such a peaceful surrounding.
On the top of the lodge is a nice seat to enjoy the beautiful view, by day and night. In the night you experiences how silent it is. It gives a special feeling. You feel one with nature in many ways. It's nice to do a walk around the kunuku and to the beach..."