I remember when I was a child I would always become very angry and disappointed when reading about disappearing rainforests, coral reefs, pollution in nature etc.

I was afraid everything would be gone when I would be old enough to travel and see those wonders myself.

Fortunately I have been able to see beautiful things and visited mountains, forests and reefs but the anger has not disappeared.

We are nothing without it, we need nature, nature does not need us!!

So in 2002 I was very lucky when I found a piece of land where I could live and which I was able to buy, so I could protect it my way.

It was barren, all eaten by goats and donkeys. Not even grass, just barren soil with here and there a tree.

I fenced off the whole terrain and I kicked out all the goats and donkeys and I gave the land a break.

It was amazing how quick things started to grow, especially after a few downpours.

Nature came back little by little, first the fast-growing trees followed by the slower ones.

Some trees I have planted myself, but mostly nature could fill it in the way she desired.

Now 2023, there is no barren soil to be seen. The soil is dark, there is grass and trees everywhere.

Shadow, birds, new seeds, insects all did and still are doing their thing and the result is amazing and a treasure for the soul.

And it never stops !

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